About Us

About Us

Founded in 1996, LindeBoom Holding B.V. is one of the leading chemical companies in Europe. We serve the international chemical market as an exporter and are experts in the field of Concrete Admixture, Mining Chemicals, Personal Care Ingredients, Agricultural Fertilizers, etc.


We are also interested and informative in other chemicals trade of Dutch origin. We are working hard to develop a seamless connection with our customers from all over the world, and placing a strong emphasis on responding quickly to customer inquiries and providing informative quotes. The complete satisfaction of our customers has been the great honor in our history and will be the ultimate goal in our future. We can provide products of various grades with a high cost-performance ratio according to customer needs.


We would like help our customers to find the best solution for compounding and other technical problems. Also we could arrange combined shipment for different items at any quantity and supply favorable price, flexible delivery and payment terms. LindeBoom Holding B.V has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate and been the Audited Supplier by SGS.

Customers Review

"We are delighted with the exceptional quality and performance of the chemicals we have sourced from your website. They have consistently met our stringent production standards and have significantly contributed to the success of our operations."

Kyle Simon

"The customer service team on your website is truly outstanding. Their prompt and knowledgeable assistance has helped us resolve any queries or issues that have arisen during the ordering process. Their friendly demeanor has made interactions pleasant and productive."

Brittany Foxx

"Your competitive pricing structure has undoubtedly provided us with a cost advantage in our industry. We appreciate the value for money we receive through your website, as it allows us to optimize our procurement budget while ensuring high-quality chemicals."

Kristina Jones

"We are extremely satisfied with the reliable and expedient delivery of our chemical orders. The secure packaging ensures that our products arrive intact, allowing us to commence production immediately. Your attention to detail in this aspect is commendable."

Mark Foster

"I want to express my gratitude for the wealth of resources available on your website. The informative articles, blog posts, and guides have been instrumental in expanding my knowledge about different chemical applications and safety precautions."

Samantha Gilbert

"We would like to express our gratitude for the extensive range of resources available on your website. The informative articles, blog posts, and guides have not only enhanced our knowledge but also bolstered our commitment to maintaining a safe and sustainable working environment."

Edward Woo