Factory Supply Potassium Carbonate

Factory Supply Potassium Carbonate

Factory Supply Potassium Carbonate also known as potash or pearl ash, form a strongly alkaline solution when dissolved in water.

Used a leavening agent to rise bread in baking and as a processing aid for cocoa beans, lower acidity during wine production, as buffering agent in marinades for meat, and acidity regulator in milk and cream powders. It is a main ingredient in Kansui, to improve texture and color.

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Dipotassium carbonate, Carbonate of potash, Carbonic acid dipotassium salt, Salt of tartar
FCC/Food Grade
Potassium Carbonate

Package: 50kg net per pp woven bag with inner plastic bag.

CAS No: 584-08-7
Molecular Formula: 
Molecular Weight: