Urea Ammonium Nitrate(UAN) online

Urea Ammonium Nitrate(UAN) online

Buy Urea Ammonium Nitrate(UAN) online is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer that can be applied directly or used as a raw material of nitrogen fertilizer for water-soluble fertilizers. It is compounded with high potassium, phosphorus potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and other elements to form a clear liquid fertilizer-liquid clear Liquid fertilizer.

Urea Ammonium Nitrate(UAN) online Properties:

Molecular Formula: CH8N4O4
CAS: 57-13-6/ 15978-77-5
Appearance: Colorless/ transparent or light-yellow liquid

How to buy Urea Ammonium NitrateUAN)?





Total N ≥%


PH Value




Free Nitrogen content≤ %


AN content %

Urea Content %

Biuret ≤ %


Water %

Urea/Ammonium Nitrate


Inhibitor Content(mg/kg)


Drip Irrigation, Circle Irrigation, Spraying.
Small amount for many times, less waste, fertilizer with water.

  1. The seeding stage should be diluted more than 1:300, and the growth stage should be diluted more than 1:200.
  2. Dilution is adjusted according to different crops and growth conditions.
  3. Foliar fertilization, 0.5-1kg per mu each time, multiple applications, the dilution factor is more than 800 times.

Suitable crops:
Suitable for corn, wheat, rice and other grain crops, cotton, peanuts, potatoes, tobacco, fruit trees and other economic crops. The effect is particularly obvious on vegetables, melons and eggplants, fruits and other crops.

Store away from incompatible materials or sources of heat and ignition. Empty containers may contain residue and can be dangerous. Do not pressurize, cut, weld, braze, solder, drill, grind or expose such containers to heat, flames, sparks or other sources of ignition; they may evolve poisonous gas and cause injury or death.

IBC Drum or according to customers’ requirements.

Quality Inspection 
Accept inspection of any impartial third party, such as SGS, BV, ISO, CE, etc.

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