High-Quality Sodium Metabisulfite for Sale

High-Quality Sodium Metabisulfite for Sale

High-Quality Sodium Metabisulfite for Sale. In the world of industrial and laboratory applications, sodium metabisulfite stands out as a versatile and indispensable chemical compound. Whether you are in the food industry, water treatment, or photography, having access to top-quality sodium metabisulfite can make all the difference in the success of your processes. At [Your Company Name], we understand the significance of sourcing the best chemicals for your needs, which is why we offer premium sodium metabisulfite for sale.


What is High-Quality Sodium Metabisulfite for Sale?

Firstly, It is a white crystalline powder with a wide range of applications. It is known for its powerful reducing and antioxidant properties, making it an essential component in various industries. it is commonly used for:

1. Food Preservation: It serves as a food preservative to extend the shelf life of various products, including dried fruits, vegetables, and wine.

2. secondly, Water Treatment: used for dechlorination and reducing excess chlorine in water, ensuring safe and clean drinking water.

3. thirdly, Photography: Photographers use it as a developing agent and preservative in photographic solutions.

4. lastly, Industrial Processes: It plays a vital role in industries such as textiles, leather,

Why Choose ?

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firstly, Purity: Our sodium metabisulfite is of the highest purity, meeting stringent quality standards to guarantee optimal performance in your applications.
Again, Reliable Supply: We offer a consistent and reliable supply to ensure your production processes run smoothly without interruptions.


Conclusively, If you’re in search of high-quality sodium metabisulfite for sale, look no further than [Your Company Name]. With our commitment to quality, reliability, and competitive pricing, we are your trusted partner for all your chemical needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the difference that top-tier sodium metabisulfite can make in your processes.


ITEMS Specifications
Apperance White or light yellow powder
Content  >=% 96.5
Heavy Metals (Fe)=< % 0.003
Heavy Metals( As)< % 0.0001
Charity Slightly turbid
SO2>=</td> 65
PH 4.0-5.0
Heavy Metals( Pb)=< % 0.0005