Sodium gluconate – Manufacturer direct selling

Sodium gluconate – Manufacturer direct selling

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CAS Number: 527-07-1
Chemical formula: C6H11NaO7


Sodium gluconate, also called sodium salt of gluconic acid, is produced by fermentation of glucose. The appearance is white or light-yellow crystal powder. It is saline taste, and very soluble in water but insoluble in alcohol. And it has features of non-toxic, non-corrosive and readily biodegradable. As an important chemical admixture, it can be used as retarder, acid-base equilibrium, water quality stabilizer, surface cleaning agent and cement blending agent, and widely used in many different fields, such as in concrete, Cleaning, textile industry, oil drilling, etc.


Technical index

Product Name

Sodium Gluconate  Industrial Grade

Item Standard
Character White or light yellow crystal powder
Assay % 98.0MIN
Reducing substances % 0.5MAX
Loss on drying % 0.5MAX
Heavy Metal (pb)  ppm 10MAX
Sulfate % 0.05MAX
Cl% 0.07MAX
AS ppm 2MAX
PH 6.2-7.8

Main uses

1. Retarder agent for concrete
Sodium gluconate can improve the workability and strength of concrete and can be used as concrete retarder in construction industry. Adding a certain amount of sodium gluconate to cement can prolong the starting and curing time of cement, that mean, delay the initial and final setting time of concrete without affecting the strength of concrete. At the same time, it can also extend the working time of concrete.

2. Water quality stabilizer
It is widely used as water stabilizer in cooling water system, low pressure boiler and other fields. Compared with the general corrosion inhibitor, its corrosion inhibition increases with the increase of temperature.

3. Steel surface cleaning agent
For special applications, the surface of the steel must be strictly cleaned so that the cladding material has a tight bond to the steel surface.SG is used as cleaning agent to clean the surface of steel due to its good cleaning effect.

4. Glass Bottle Cleaning Agent
SG can effectively remove the bottle label and bottle mouth rust, and make the bottle washer nozzle and pipeline not easy to plug. It is important that it does not affect food or environmental safety.

5.Textile Industry
SG can be used for fiber cleaning and degreasing.It can effectively improve the bleaching effect of bleaching powder and color uniformity of dyes, and improve the degree of dyeing hardening of textile industrial raw materials.

6. petroleum industry
SG can be used in the production of petroleum products and oil field drilling mud.

Package: 25kg/ bag